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Dewey Lake
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Rudolph and all

Rudolph has come and now has gone back to his homeland. But I recently learned something about Rudolph and other reindeer also. Do you know how Rudolph became what he is today? In 1938, in Chicago, a man with a 6 year old daughter had no money for Christmas gifts. His wife was dying and his resources were exhausted. So, he decided he could write a book and give it to his daughter. The book brought Rudolph to life-patterned after the man himself. As a child growing up he was a small boy, no good in sports and frequently bullied-does that sound like Rudolph? The man-Bob May worked for Montgomery Ward, and when they saw the story, bought the rights and published many books, which were a hit. Next a major publisher wanted to buy the rights, and Wards- gave the rights back to Bob May. Mr May became wealthy, remarried, a friend put Rudolph to music and Gene Autry made it famous. How 'bout that for a Christmas story! Now as for real reindeer- They live in Europe's northern countries. They can't fly, of course, but are fast runners.Their hair is special so that their coats are really thick.They have eyes that change color to adapt to the varying levels of light in the far north. They also have large hooves that they can spread when the snow is deep to keep them from sinking .
Now, you have had your December lesson about reindeer. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Are you superstitious? If you are, today is a day you will be very cautious-you won't walk under a ladder, break a mirror, or let a black cat cross your path. We have 2 Friday the 13th this year-one in September and today. Last year there were 3, each 13 weeks apart-how about that! How did all this come about? One theory goes way back to the Last Supper. Judas, who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th person to arrive at the dinner, and Jesus died on a Friday. Numerologists consider 12 a "complete" number-12 months in a year, 12 signs in the Zodiac, 12 inches in a foot. Airplanes often leave out a row 13; some hotels eliminate a Room 13. And, interestlingly, Henry Ford wouldn't do business on a Friday the 13th, and FDR wouldn't travel on any Friday the 13th or on any 13th day of any month. So happy Friday the 13th-just watch out for the black cats!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidays in the Hills

The IRISH HILLS is an area in Southern Lower Michigan once settled by the Irish during the potato famine. It is an area of quaint towns, sparkling lakes, and scenic drives. This coming weekend December 6-8, is the second annual "HOLIDAYS IN THE HILLS". Hidden Lake Garden's Holiday Festival and EVENING OF LIGHTS is back this year. 2,000 luminaries light the Gardens and there is music, crafts, and refreshments.="www.hiddenlakegardens.">. Cherry Creek Old Schoolhouse Winery will be holding their Christmas Open House Saturday 11:00-5:30 and Sunday 12:00-5:00. Another event is Michigan International Speedway's charity track drive. Donate a food item or a new unwrapped toy and take a lap around the track in your own vehicle for more information. And Oh!These Irish Hills is holding their Christmas Gala. This event is a showcase of holiday trees and decorations with a silent auction, door prizes, a choir concert, and holiday dancers, and of course-refreshments! It will be held at the Ol'Golden Nugget on US 12Friday Dec 6th-4-8, Sat 1-8, and Sun 1-4. For more information visit