Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake
morning mist

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FEBRUARY A month of many faces

February-a prelude to Spring -Groundhog Day; the month for Lovers-Valentine Day; Presidents Day-a Holiday for many ;   and did you know February is National Cherry Month and Michigan supplies more than 70% of the nation's tart cherries.
And, this year-SNOW! It hasn't melted-the snow pack has been around since November-it just keeps piling up 5 more inches here last night, in the Irish Hills of Southern Michigan!
And the temperature-Hell has frozen over". That's the community south west of us, but so has the whole state.In February, 1934, Vanderbilt, a community in Otsego County, recorded a temperature of 51 degrees below zero! Thank goodness, we haven't hit that -20 below is enough for me!
Now we are going to warm up-Spring is coming and you can get out to help get rid of cabin fever. The Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea is still running The Redwood Hidden Lake Gardens is having programs almost And keep in mind,March 8 & 9 The Irish Hills is having a Taste of the Irish Hills with 18 restaurants

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February-Chocolate lovers Month

February is for Lovers   and Chocolate Lovers
I have read that more chocolate is sold in February than any other month, except the month Easter falls in.  And Valentines Day is this Friday,so----celebrate by bringing your sweetheart to the Irish Hills of Southern Michigan. So many people need a getaway about now-it just keeps snowing  3 more inches last night! Come to Dewey Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast and stay at the Lake. Sit by the fireplace and enjoy complimentary Chocolate and bubbly, and of course a rose.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Early February Happenings

Today, the second day of February is the Super Bowl, but it is also GroundHog Day. The first time ever,I think, they fell on the same day.Does everyone know what a groundhog/woodchuck is ? To me it is a big fat rodent.It hibernates nearly 6 months of the year-in hibernation it breathes once every 6 minutes and its temperature is maintained at 38 degrees.
How it became a Holiday-though it is a minor one -started way back in Roman times when most peoples lives were linked to farming. It was called Candelmas Day in the church calendar.There was a celebration midway between the winter soltice and the spring equinox.German folklore involves a badger. If it sees sunshine it goes back in its burrow for more winter. This is the ancient message of Groundhog day-even though it's cold and dark outside, now is the time to lay the foundation for spring and summer planting, a piece of ancient wisdom.   
This is also the Chinese Year of the Horse-it began on January 31.
If this is your year it represents prosperity. And there are parades and this picture shows a street ready for a big parade. I wonder who hangs all those lanterns--.