Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake
morning mist

Friday, June 5, 2015


Did you know that today was national Donut Day? Who knew! The first Friday of June, which is today.

Dunkin Donuts was giving a free one if you bought a drink.
Did you get yours?  I didn't -maybe next year.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blarney Time!

Happy St Patrick Day! It will soon be here. The Irish Hills area is having their third TASTE OF THE HILLS this weekend March 14 & 15. This year there are 20 restaurants/coffee houses participating. A ticket is $25 and it also lets you go to the AFTER TASTE party at the Brooklyn Moose Lodge and there are FIREWORKS after. Check for more info. And Dewey Lake B&B is offering a 10% discount on a overnight stay.">

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 from the Irish Hills of Southern Michigan

Here we are, writing this on the very last day of 2014. The sun is shining here at Dewey Lake Manor, making the lake look much like the picture, only it is frozen and the willow tree has no leaves. But there is no snow so the grass is like the picture; quite different than last year.  

I have never really written about the Irish Hills, and we live in the middle of them. The Irish Hills have no formal boundaries or unified government structure. The name designates an informal area that to many, straddles four counties, while to others it is a small historical area along US Route 12.The area is characterized by scattered lakes-52 with names-and rolling hills. There are several historic sites on US12-The Towers(which unfortunately are closed now), St. Joseph Shrine-the beautiful little church- and Brick Walker Tavern-which has just been restored.            The area was settled by the Irish, who came to America during the potato famine, and there is a very large rock- brought over from Ireland -near St Joseph Church commemorating those who came and those who died. 
The corner where US12 and M50 cross was known as Cambridge Junction, or" The Junction", and Brick Walker Tavern, located on that corner, was "the place" to meet and have parties.
A few miles east of the Junction on M50 is Hidden Lake Gardens, MSU's Botanical Gardens, a place you don't want to miss if in the area. To find out more you can check, and                       Goodbye  2014         Hello 2015!  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving-the First

Since we just finished Thanksgiving, it's interesting to think about November 1621,when the Pilgrims gathered with the Indians to celebrate the autumn harvest. Their day was quite different from ours. They had to go out and hunt for their turkey and pick their vegetables from what they had grown. They had pumpkins to use as a side dish, but no flour or butter to make a pie, and no sweet potatoes as they wouldn't grow where they lived. And as for cooking dinner-they didn't have ovens so cooked over an open fire. That would have been quite uncomfortable for us on Thursday, as here at Dewey Lake we had a good 1/2inch of snow in the afternoon-beautiful but a little chilly!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too Many Choices!

JULY-There are just too many things going on-I want to go to all of them! This weekend is the Faster Horses music festival. I understand the crowds are humungous! And tonight there will be fireworks. It's also the weekend for the "Hot Air Jubilee in Jackson. Have you ever seen a dozen balloons in the sky at once? It is breathtaking. They do a morning launch and a night glow-both are quite a sight. And this is the weekend for the Ann Arbor art Fairs. And the weather has pretty much cooperated- a little rain one morning but not like last year. The campers at the music festival last year, nearly got washed away. Keep these events in mind for next year., and remember to check,, and