Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake
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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Did you know today-8:30-9:30pm- is the "Earth Hour"?  I did not-just heard about it. It started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and has continued to raise awarness of how we use the earth. It takes place all across the world whenever the time is 8:30pm. It has already taken place in some countries.
What do you do to be a part of "Earth Hour"? TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS!
The Coco Cola company spoke this morning on tv-they are big supporters of Earth Hour, and all of their facilities will honor the hour and their sign in Times Square will be dark. They suggest doing something by candelight-play a game with your kids,I suggest eating by candelight. I think "Earth Hour" is a great idea.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Paddy's DAY

Yes, today is St Patrick's Day. And did you know that the Saint was neither Irish nor Patrick. He was English and took,or was given, the name of Patrick later in his life. Designated by the U.S.Congress in 1995,March is National Irish-American Heritage Month. Many, many Irish made their way all over the state of Michigan during the mid-1800's fleeing the potato famine. They were fishermen, farmers, miners, long-shoremen; some worked for lumber barons or the growing railroads. And sometimes they were paid in land. Therefore there were settlements north of Grand Rapids and small ones near Ann Arbor and Jackson. The Irish Hills in Jackson and Lenawee Counties is so named because the rolling hills and the lakes reminded them of their homeland. Just a little more trivia-over 94 million people will wear green today, 13 million pints of Guiness will be sold, Chicago has a green river-dyed green since 1962, and believe it or not-it was a dry Holiday-Ireland mandated the Pubs be closed on 3/17- until 1961. And "The Luck of the Irish"-legend has it that the Irish have a lock on "lucky." The four-leaf clovers, Horseshoes, rabbit's feet-Celts believed that rabbits possessed wisdom and any part of them brought good luck. I will leave that thought with you and wish you a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The Feast before the Fast! Today was Mardi Gras Day.It is held on a different date every year. It is always the day before Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter, which can fall on any Sunday from March 23rd to April 25th, with the exact date coinciding with the first Sunday after the full moon following a Spring Equinox. Whew!(I bet you really wanted to know that) Mardi Gras is a big deal in New Orleans where the celebrations officially begin on January 6th, which is also known as 12th night, but the majority of festivities and parades are held two weeks before and on Fat Tuesday. The first parade was not in New Orleans but in Mobile Alabama in the 1700's, and other places in the world also celebrate-Brazil, Mexico, and Italy to name a few. Another interesting tidbit is the colors used in the parades and their meaning; Purple-justice, Green-faith, Gold-power. We also know this day by another name-Packzi Day! Have you had yours? They are so good and only 700 calories. Hope you got one.