Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Getaway in southern Michigan

Winter in our area should look like this, and there is a little snow now but we sure haven't had much  yet. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, it won't be xcountry skiing or snow-shoeing , or sno-mobiling; at least here in the Irish Hills of Southern Michigan. But, there are wineries right here in the Irish Hills, and Cherry Creek Old Schoolhouse Winery is having a "wine release and Food Pairing" Saturday January 26th 11am-5:30pm. Check their website for details. 
Or you can head to Ann Arbor-this is their Restaurant Week, and Zingermans Next Door has some of the best hot chocolate in the country, according to Food and Wine. The 36th Ann Arbor Folk Festival also happens January 25 & 26 . Check for details. 
Or you could go to Chelsea and see Jeff Daniel's new play, which runs from January 10 to March
Dewey Lake Manor is only 30 minutes away if you need an overnight getaway, and this is the last weekend the second night is half price

Monday, January 21, 2013

Iron Chef Competition----for TEENS

I was a guest today at an Iron Chef Competition, not on TV or a cooking school, but at the Adrian, Michigan library!  This competition was for teenagers  grades 7-12. It has taken place in past years, but this was my first event as my grandson was a participant. He was part of the LISD team, which was more advanced then the others, so they wern't judged. They were there for experience.
There were 6 other teams, both boys and girls, and they had to produce 3 dishes from the ingredients that were provided(which they hadn't seen until today when they registered). And they were timed.I believe they had 45 minutes. It was quite amazing to see these "kids" working together and all but one finished with in the time limit, and they were only 3 minutes over. They took their creations to the judges table and it took quite a while for them to taste and decide the winner. And these were the judges choice-the FILET MIGNON'S, 5 boys who don't look like chefs but did win first prize, especially for their dessert they called "elvis presly". It was an interesting event,and I hope to go next year.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Old Traditions

We are 1 week into 2013, Happy New Year to all! but lets think about what you did on New Years Eve  and why.  I bet all of us -if we were awake -heard and/or sang "Auld Lang Syne". This is a Scottish poem written by The poet Robert Burns some 200 years ago that has become synonymous with ringing in the new year.
The Ball Drop?-that started in 1907, at the request of the publisher of the New York Times newspaper. The paper's  chief electrician  built a 700 pound  ball out of wood and iron with 100 light bulbs and it was lowered  from a flagpole on the One Times Square building at midnight. It has happened every year since except in 1942-43 during world war II. Of course the construction of the ball has changed and is a great light show!
Other traditions include eating 12 grapes as midnight approaches if you are a Spaniard ,to ensure prosperity over the next 12 months. In Germany and Ireland, cabbage is eaten because it is the color of money(for real?). And ours-a kiss at midnight-is much better than cabbage.

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